Portrait of Angel Paunchev

I’m a software engineer from Bulgaria who turns ambitious ideas into reality.

I’ve been deeply invested in computers and technology since I was in school. What used to be just a hobby turned into my field of study, then into my career.

At present, I work as a front-end engineer and try to build easy-to-use, resilient and scalable interfaces. I put the user first, but the developer is a close second. My tools of the trade include modern JavaScript and CSS. I know my way around a backend API, but the frontend is where I feel at home.

I use this site to experiment with web technologies—it changes often and abruptly. Instead of making yet another portfolio that never gets updated, I embed live data from other places, so that it automatically shows what I’ve been up to recently. Also, I use it as long-term storage for various bookmarks and snippets that I may want to go back to later.


Summary of where I’ve worked and studied.



    Lead Front-end Engineer



    Team Lead



    Software Developer

    Glasgow Caledonian University

    Glasgow Caledonian University2011-2015

    BSc Computing (Web Systems Development)

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Books I read and films I watched recently.

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